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See a Doctor online with our after hours service – Practice Plus NZ

Seeing a doctor online after hours in NZ is no longer a luxury but often a necessity. We’ve all experienced changes to how we access healthcare since Covid, and it’s paved the way for online doctor app offerings like Practice Plus. So, we’re excited to announce our partnership with online doctor app, Practice Plus. Lucy Hall explains how the new after hours and weekend doctor service for our Auckland clinics works.

Making healthcare more accessible with our after-hours online doctor service partner

Remember that rainy Auckland weekend when you needed to see a doctor, but the practice was closed and no online options were available? Chances are, the idea of a trip to an after hours A&E doctor wasn’t your idea of a fun time! Of course, there are times when you will have to see the Doctor in person. But sometimes, you simply need a prescription urgently or timely advice on managing an illness or injury from the comfort of home. We understand. Because we’ve been there too, furthermore, we appreciate that it can be frustrating seeing a new GP who isn’t familiar with your medical history. And also that, following your appointment, your notes are not always available for your usual doctor to access.

Get a seamless healthcare experience with Practice Plus online doctor consults (when you need it!)

As part of our commitment to ensure all of your healthcare needs are met, we’ve teamed up with a fantastic partner. One who can not only be available when our team are not but experienced, local NZ doctors who relay the information back to us through our trusty online Patient Portal, MyIndici.

How to see a qualified NZ doctor online after hours;

Fortunately, it’s now really easy for our Auckland patients to see a GP online, regardless of whether it’s on a weekend or weekday. All you need to do is make an appointment on the Practice Plus app. We’ve created a detailed page describing how Patient Plus works.

3 easy steps to making an online GP appointment

In a nutshell, to make an online after hours appointment, simply:

1. Get online on a smartphone with wifi enabled device
2. Register (or login) to Patient Plus and request an appointment by selecting a time or joining the queue.
3. Pre-pay for your appointment fee with a credit or debit card. You’ll be sent a link to start your appointment.

You’ll be emailed a virtual appointment link 15 minutes before the appointment. The Practice Plus GP will also email any prescription through. Later, the GP will transfer your notes to the normal Patient Portal. Sharing the consult notes allows your regular GP to stay up-to-date with new conditions or medications. Of course, we’ll be sure the transfer of notes meets our high privacy standards.


When should I see a doctor in person at an after hours A&E?

You will sometimes need to go to Urgent Care in person. Rest assured, if a Practice Plus GP thought you needed urgent care in person, they would advise this. Just up the road from our East Auckland clinic is East Care Urgent Care, open every day, 7 am – 11 pm. Go to their A&E for severe wounds, burns, fractures or allergic reactions. In addition, East Care’s health hub offers services like radiology and dental, which are in-person services!

As always, for severe injury or illness, don’t hesitate to:

  • call Emergency services on 111
  • call Healthline for advice on 0800 611 116
  • go to Middlemore Hospital for serious injuries like broken bones or severe wounds.

Find out more about Patient Plus today.

Hopefully, you’ll find answers to your other questions on the After Hours care page and in our FAQs. Contact our reception team if you have further questions about registering. See a doctor through the Practice Plus app. Speaking about the online service Dr Daniel Calder, Group Clinical Director, says “Partnering with the Practice Plus online GPs will further safeguard the health of our Auckland community by enabling them to access care when they need it. It’s an amazing initiative, supported by East Health Trust to create great access to  primary care.”  We hope you will find the after hours online GP service useful.